Jeremi Wasiutyński

Recent books by Jeremi Wasiutyński

Kopernik cover
KOPERNIK - twórca nowego nieba
Adam Marszalek
Torun, Poland 2007
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The Solar Mystery cover
The Solar Mystery
Oslo 2003
Klokkhammer forlag

The Speech of God cover
The Speech of God
Oslo 2002
Klokkhammer forlag

Det kosmiske drama cover
Det kosmiske drama (om drømmer)
Pax Forlag
A few copies for sale, contact Sissel Klokkhammer

Creation I-III

Creation I cover Creation II cover Creation III cover

A few sets (à 8 kg) are still available. University libraries and similar institutions may apply for a free set but will have to pay for postage/shipment.

Others may buy it from Sissel Klokkhammer