Jeremi Wasiutyński

The Speech of God

From the Meta-Cosmic Beginning to the Forthcoming Terrestrial Crisis
In an Attempt at Human Understanding

by Jeremi M.F. Wasiutyński

Solum Forlag
Oslo 2002

257 pp. 40 plates

Contents of The Speech of God


  1. Introduction
  2. The Eternal Worlds
  3. Generation of Infernal Worlds
  4. The Intrinsic Properties of Existence
  5. The Intrinsic Properties of the Cosmic Field of Consciousness
  6. The Universe of Consciousness and the Universe of Existence
  7. The Transfer of Existence Into Consciousness
  8. The Deformation of Space by Cosmic Existence
  9. The Key to the Cosmic Geometry
  10. The Origin of Physical Energies and Fields
  11. The Quantal-Relativistic Dilemma and the Dimensionless Constants of Physics
  12. Origins of the Hierarchy of Heavenly Bodies
  13. The Heavenly Bodies Unmasked
  14. The Origin of Planetary Systems
  15. The Origin of Organic Life
  16. Transcendental Chronology of the Earth and the Cosmos
  17. The Cosmically Controlled Evolution of Life
  18. Terrestrial Life and the Human Soul
  19. The Human Condition
  20. The Astral Anchoring of Spirituality
  21. Astral Resonances
  22. The Spirituality of the Old Stone Age
  23. Internal Confrontation: Abortion, Disaster, Triumph
  24. The Old Stone Age Exploration of the Creative Matrices
  25. The Circum-Mediterranean and South-African Spreading of Franco-Cantabrian Mysteries After the End of the Ice Age
  26. The Australian, American, and North-European Spreading of the Mysteries
  27. The Global Spreading of Mystery-Tales, and the Myth of Atlas
  28. The Myth of Atlantis
  29. The Rise and Spread of the Megalithic Movement
  30. The Sites of Megalithic Contemplation
  31. The Origin of the Alphabet
  32. The Evolution of Civilizations
  33. The Evolution of the West-European Civilization
  34. The Great Religions as Components of a Single Whole
  35. The Supreme Ultimate and the Narrow Path of Salvation
  36. The Judaic and the Hellenic Background of Western Religions
  37. Mankind as the Mystical Body of Christ
  38. Islam’s Attempt at the Unification of Mankind
  39. The Earth as a Celestial Entity
  40. Epilogue


Register and Explanation of Plates