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The relation of The Speech of God to The Solar Mystery

Our work The Speech of God attempts to set forth a wide scientific panorama of reality that is radically different from the current conceptions. This is done in connection with the proof that terrestrial life enters in these years a new historical phase, radically different from that of the 4.6 billion years long evolution we have behind us. This new phase of terrestrial evolution is to be expected in connection with changes in our interplanetary medium, and with the following ones in the dynamical possibilities of human psychology.

Science has since the time of the Renaissance laid all emphasis on the objective side of experience, more and more neglecting the subjective side. This has led us into a state of advanced social and economical organization, technology and industry, jointly with an almost complete oblivion of our spiritual nature, and with an externalization of conflicts, followed by mutual self-destruction.

The roots of this degeneration are, of course, timeless, but they were weaker in the Renaissance, which was spiritually rich but technically ineffective in comparison. The time was not yet ripe for a unified tackling of matter and spirit, physical and psychological problems. The psychological side was only approached, with greater or lesser success, by exceptional individuals capable of registering otherwise unconscious phenomena, i.e. by hermetists. Among them were the great geniuses of the Renaissance, Copernicus and Giorgione, to whose hitherto unknown hermetic collaboration The Solar Mystery is in its essence devoted.

Now, with our entering into a new era, the perspective on these historic situations will be changed. What were mysteries of the secret science in the Renaissance, are accessible to our minds in The Speech of God as an exact integral science. Significantly enough, it has become accessible to us at the very epoch in which the extrovert excesses of mind have brought humanity to the edge of an abyss. The spiritual contact with the Origin of the All is indispensable for us. These circumstances make the two works in question complementary parts of each other. The author has, therefore, for long periods of time worked on both of them alternately.

Jeremi Wasiutyński