Jeremi Wasiutyński

The Solar Mystery

An Inquiry Into the Temporal and the Eternal Background of the Rise of Modern Civilization
by Jeremi Wasiutyński

Solum Forlag, Oslo 2003
478 pp. 80 plates

Contents of The Solar Mystery


Introduction and Survey of the Subject


  1. The Mystery Man Georgios Gemistos Plethon and the Unification of the World
  2. The Spiritual Marriage of Italy and Greece, and the Final Division of the Christian East and West
  3. Plethon’s ‘Laws’, in so Far as They Escaped an Orthodox Auto-da-fé, and Their Mythical Ancestry
  4. Proclus’ Oscillating Universe as Compared to Plethon’s Steady-State Universe
  5. The Solar Mystery in the Chaldean Oracles
  6. Salvation in the Chaldean Oracles
  7. Renaissance Platonism and the Etruscan Mystery
  8. Julius Pomponius Laetus and the Supposed Antipapal Conspiracy of the Roman Academy
  9. Callimachus’ Ascent Between East and West
  10. Callimachus, Nicholo, and the Humanistic Circle of Vladislavia
  11. Copernicus’ Studies in Cracow, and the Phoebean Sodalities of Conrad Celtis
  12. Basic Data Concerning Copernicus’ Sojourn in Italy
  13. The Italian Background of Copernicus’ Cosmological Revolution
  14. Venice as the City of the Sun
  15. Star of the Saviour
  16. The Renaissance of Dream
  17. The Mystery-Man Called the Great Giorgio, and the Enigma of His ‘Three Philosophers’
  18. Hermetic and Mystic Interpretations of Giorgione’s ‘Three Philosophers’
  19. Giorgione’s ‘Three Philosophers’ as Representatives of Different Systems of Philosophy or Astronomy
  20. The Early Works of Giorgione in Relation to the Origin of ‘The Three Philosophers’
  21. The Birth and Infancy of a Hero in Giorgionesque Art
  22. The Search for the Lost Soul in Giorgione’s Work
  23. Giorgione’s and Copernicus’ Social Contacts in Venice and Padua
  24. Zodiaci Mystici Virgo
  25. The Development of Giorgionistic Painting, and the Hermetic Circles of North Italy
  26. The Twenty-Seven Years of Becoming of Copernicus’ System of the World
  27. The Cycle of Copernicus’ Personal Transformation, ca. 1529–1541
  28. Rheticus and the Publication of De revolutionibus
  29. Copernicus as a Seer Exposed to the Mockery of the Mob
  30. Copernicus and the Healing of the World


  1. Copernicus’ Reading and His Venetian Book Acquisitions
  2. Copernicus’ Supposed Portraits
  3. The Authentic Title of Copernicus’ Major Work
  4. Ancient and Copernican Cosmical Physics as Projections of the Laws of Creative Self-Realization
  5. Copernicus’ Supposed Solarization of the Christian Mysteries
  6. Alexander von Suchten, Alchemist and Physician, Copernicus’ Protégé